Ok, so with the release of 8th Edition for Warhammmer 40,000, my objectives and projects have been thrown into a bit of flux. New models are incoming, a new core rules system changes how custom rules work, and project priorities need to be reconsidered.

One of the biggest changes, of course, is the addition of Primaris Marines and their associated specialists, vehicles, etc. Picking up the Dark Imperium boxed set, I got 22 Primaris Marines of various types, and I’d like to get them into action and see how they work out. More importantly, in the eternal arms race that is the game, I might be at a disadvantage without them! Therefore, painting and assembling them has to become something of a priority.

I’m currently polishing off 5 Vanguard Veterans, and I have 60 Zombies on my desk awaiting completion. The Zombies are not fun to work on, but I do want to get them done. They’ll be useful in a variety of games, and the sooner they’re complete, the sooner I don’t have to think about them! I also have some Modern Survivors and Soldiers to go along with them that I haven’t really touched yet.

I’ve got a lot of Ultramarines figures on sprue waiting to be painted:

5 Terminators

5 Assault Terminators

5 Sternguard Veterans

Roboute Guilliman

10 Scouts

1 Techmarine with Servitors

3 Land Speeders

As previously discussed, I’m getting pretty close to having enough Astartes to fill out an entire Ultramarines 1st Company, which is good. I LOVE Space Marines figs and I LOVE the Ultramarines. My future purchase plans involve picking up a significant number of Astartes in the future, so it’ll be nice to be able to fit them into my existing Ultramarines Army in some manner. I also have a Storm Talon Gunship that I’m really gun-shy about going to work on, because I’ve got a really ambitious paint scheme in mind for it…and I’m sure my talents aren’t going to do it justice.

I’ve got about 30 or so Vikings I have to finish off for a campaign my dad and I have been itching to fight for awhile. Once I finish my guys, though, I have a feeling I’ll have to work on dad’s Saxons for him. He travels a lot, and he isn’t anywhere close to my progress on his own army. Truth be told, I’m not looking forward to it. He’s never drawn up an army list for his force, either. I’m considering farming out the Saxons to another painter and paying for them to get wrapped up. But Dad would have to have an army list to continue.

My enthusiasm for Robotech RPG Tactics has sort of died on the vine. I still want to play, and I’ve got people at my local favorite gaming store   pestering me to get a game going, but I kind of shot myself in the foot. I need to purchase some more models to produce a truly balanced Zentraedi force and I need some spares to fix some missing and broken models on the UEDF side. I’ve got the obligatory hordes of Regult Battle Pods, but I need more Artillery, Officer, Recon, and Recovery pods for the Zentraedi to play with any responsiveness. Plus, I chose a REALLY time-consuming paint scheme for my Valkyrie Squadron (Russian Naval Aviation Pattern) and I haven’t even started working on the terrain yet.

In addition to my Ultramarines, I have an Imperial Guard Infantry Company that I’ve been working on here and there since the 90’s that’s grown into a pretty cool army. I use a lot of custom vehicles and some equipment in the list, so I have to go back and put some serious work in on rewriting the house rules for them. I also need to buy some more models to completely mechanize the force, and maybe do some more custom work.

I fell in love with some Sci-Fi soldiers made by Dreamforge Games and the now-defunct Wargames Factory. My plan was to do a homebrew army out of the Dreamforge guys as elite PDF in Inquisition service, and the Wargames Factory guys as Rebels/Chaos cannon-fodder. I’ve painted up a squad of each, but have MANY more to go.

Waaay at the back of the queue, I have an entire Warhammer Fantasy Empire Army that’s still on the sprues, and a Sengoku-era Samurai force that’s still mostly sprued as well! These guys are probably going to be at the back of the line for some time, sadly. While I love both forces, Science Fiction and Modern settings have always excited me more than Fantasy for some time.

Here and there, I’ve got a few minis that I picked up simply on a whim: the last five Harlequins from the original Rogue Trader boxed set that I never finished, some Hasslefree guys I thought looked cool, and some Rouge Trader-era Marines off eBay. I really should work on these guys when I’m hitting Painter’s Block.

Gaming-wise, I’m feeling pulled in two opposite directions: I am, of course, totally thrilled about the new 8th Edition (funds have been allocated to purchase the new Space Marines Codex). However, I’ve also been inspired by both Shadow War: Armageddon and a number of Oldhammer 40K blogs to look at smaller, more detailed, RPG-style games. I keep daydreaming about what would happen if the infamous outlaw Abdul Goldberg found himself with a Kill Team of Ultramarines on his greasy ass.

After finishing the Vanguard Vets, I need to polish off the Zombies. After that, I’m not certain what I’ll be slinging paint and glue at.