Well, like everyone else in the 40k hobby, I succumbed and purchased the Dark Imperium boxed set and the Imperial indexes, selling off the Death Guard to recoup the cost of the Indexes. I like the look of the new Primaris Marines and approve of the rules reboot, but I’ve yet to play. I’m also very happy that we’ve moved the game universe forward, allowing plots and characters to develop.

I do have some concerns, however, about the design of the new figures. Looking at their construction and assembly, their posing and customization is somewhat limited. These are more multipart statues rather than the multipose miniature figures we’ve all come to know and love. However, this is something of a tradition with the “core box” games, so I’m not going full nerd rage just yet. I’m hopeful that future 8th Edition kits will follow the multipart, multipose, customizable format we’ve all come to know and love, and these first figures are just about getting new units in plastic and on the table in time for the release.

My second concern is the lack of close combat weapons for models other than characters. I know the Reivers are on their way out, but they seem more like Scout/Recon types rather than close combat guys. While I’ve got plenty of normal Astartes and Terminators to smash guys in the face with melee weapons, it’s just not Warhammer 40k without an enraged superhuman dismembering you with a chainsword.

I’m sure GW will release some more melee-oriented Primaris squaddies down the road, though.

I’m looking forward to integrating Primaris elements into my Ultramarines Army, but I still need to slug my way through my painting and assembly backlog. I’m feeling a slight pang of regret at adding 22 more bodies to that queue!