The STC for the Squad Automatic Lasgun was found on the world of Marsuria, a paradox of a world divided between civilization and savagery. Within massive, fortified walls the inhabitants of Marsuria live their lives in anxious prosperity, guarded by men and machines against savage, Chaos-worshipping barbarians and their mutant spawn, ferocious beasts, and hostile foliage. Clad in carapace armor and wielding Squad Automatic Lasguns, Marsuria’s elite warriors of the First Special Regiment turn back the darkness time and again. Their experience with long odds and the influence of the Ruinous Powers makes them a frequent choice for auxiliary troops by the Inquisition.

The Squad Automatic Lasgun is a rapid-fire, anti-infantry support weapon. It consists of a specialized receiver and heavy barrel to withstand prolonged rapid fire, and a drum or box configuration high capacity magazine pack holding 100 to 200 shots.

The SAL can also be configured as a crew-served, Sustained Fire mode weapon doubling its rate and volume of fire by attaching a power and cooling unit to the gun. The Sustained Fire power/cooling unit has a capacity for 1,000 rounds of continuous fire, enabling it to dominate its assigned sector. However, when configured for Sustained Fire, the SAL becomes too cumbersome to be managed by one man and may burn out its focus prism if laying continuous fire for some time. As a result, Squad Automatic Lasguns employed in Sustained Fire mode are most often used by two-man Weapons Teams, employed as vehicle-mounted weapons, or in multiple-gun batteries.


The SAL can be fed with normal issue power cells (there is a magazine port for normal 60-shot charge packs just in front of the weapon’s trigger guard), and guardsmen can even jury-rig SALs by fitting heavy barrels and extended magazines to issue receivers, making it an increasingly popular weapon in infantry combat. Field-expedient models, though, have a much higher failure rate, and troopers face punishment for such unauthorized modifications.

Range Strength  AP   Type

30”         3           –      Assault 3

30”         3            –       Heavy  6 (Sustained Fire)