Here are the experimental rules for using the Korsak LAV in Seventh Edition WH40K!

Name                  Points                 Armor:    F    S    R    BS        HP
Korsak LAV           90                                        12   10  10    3          2

Type                   Size                      Speed             Category
Light Vehicle     Normal                Fast                 Transport

Weapons                                         Special Options
Heavy Bolter (Skyfire)                  Transport: 5
SAL (SF Mount)                              Amphibious
Souped-up Engine
Tow Bar
Replace Heavy Bolter and SAL with Lascannon +10 PtsReplace Heavy Bolter with Missile Launcher +15 Pts
Replace Heavy Bolter with Tauros Grenade Launcher +5 Pts
Replace Heavy Bolter and SAL with Multilaser +5 Pts

Vehicle Equipment
Searchlight                                                                                   +1
Smoke Launchers                                                                       +5
Extra Armor                                                                                +10
Hunter-Killer Missile                                                                 +10
Replace SAL with Storm Bolter or Heavy Stubber              +5
Relic Plating                                                                                 +3
Recovery Gear                                                                             +5
Fire Barrels                                                                                  +10
Camo Netting                                                                              +15
Augur Array                                                                                +25

The Korsak is a light armored infantry mobility vehicle. Built on a rugged off-road transmission and suspension system with a turbo-charged engine, the Korsak delivers great speed and range over rough terrain. Its fully-armored, V-shaped hull provides good protection against both direct fire and explosive booby traps. It has a crew of one driver and one gunner, and carries five passengers: the unit leader usually rides in the front passenger’s seat, and the other four unit members ride in the rear troop compartment accessible by a large back hatch. The commander will frequently stay mounted, providing additional support fire with his pintle-mounted SAL and coordinating between the vehicle and the dismounted infantry.

The base model Korsak has two pintle mounts, one at the commander’s hatch and one at the rear roof hatch. The rear-mounted weapon is usually a Heavy Bolter and a Squad Automatic Lasgun in Sustained Fire configuration is usually mounted at the commander’s pintle. However, when some heavier weapons are mounted on the Korsak with upgraded, armored turrets, it may necessitate the removal of the commander’s pintle.