Here is the second Panhard VBL conversion I was working on. This variant had the armored .50 M2HB cupola, which only works out to a Heavy Stubber in game terms. As a result, we had to up-arm this bad boy a bit. I went for a lascannon conversion, as it looked the most appropriate.


If you look closely, you’ll see I put a pretty decent bit of work into the turret, building it up from it’s original design and construction. In addition to altering the armament, I added additional armor plating from my bitz boxes, along with a large power pack array and personal kit and stowage.

dsc_0621 Completed VBL as originally designed, painted with Desert/Arid scheme. Excellent work by Adrian Leguina. 


Personal kit hung off the back, notice the additional, higher armor plate added to the rear


Here you can see the lascannon power pack array, the gunner’s lasgun, and a sawn-off shotgun for “close encounters.”


Power cell LEDs are green!





Anyways, that’s two Korsaks down. I need to determine how large a Korsak-mounted Light/Scout platoon should be and stat out the vehicles and units. I’m thinking five vehicles, each carrying five dismounts. Sadly, it may be a bit before I can turn back to this part of my Guard Army. I have a LOT of building and painting to do before I can justify buying some more models, but these vehicles have been both fun and surprisingly low-stress. See you next time!