For my first review, I wanted to look at WAVE’s Paint Bottle Stand. I know it’s kind of a boring bit of kit for a first review, but I was pretty impressed with it, and wanted to get the word out about it. did a pretty great review, but his main audience is hardcore modellers, and I didn’t want the wargaming community to miss out on this pretty nifty item.

WAVE makes a number of tools, after-market parts, and high-end Anime, Manga and Historical-themed models, so they’re no newcomer to the industry. My stand was purchased for me as a Christmas gift. Be forewarned, they’re very popular, and usually sell out fast, or end up getting marked up to ridiculous prices. One on Amazon is going for almost $200.00! However, you don’t have to pay nearly that much if you don’t mind waiting. HobbyLink Japan has them, but they sell out quick. Turnaround time is 4-6 weeks if you place your order while they’re waiting for restock, but their price is good at around $50.00.

So what do you get for your $50.00? Well, you definitely get a lot of plastic. This thing is heavy, so you may want to find some way to combine shipping with some other items so you don’t get gouged. it’s a 6-tiered paint rack, so it comes in a pretty big box!


Assembly is pretty straightforward by screwing the sides to the top and bottom trays and a series of struts that serve as tray stopsfor levels 2-5. The screws are a bit small and fiddly, so sadly, you’ll probably have to do it by hand instead of with any sort of powered tool, but it’s nothing terrible. Build material is some form of plastic, but it’s quite sturdy. At first, I was a bit worried it was made out of that same brittle, smoky plastic they make cheap desk organizers from, but this stuff is nice and tough. Barring pet or heat source mishaps, I expect it should last me a good, long while.


Once it goes together, it has a lot of storage space. I can fit almost two thirds of my bottled paints in it, and I have enough paint to fill a tool box. Rough guess, I can fit about 170 Citadel-style bottles in drawers 2-6, and use drawer 1 to store larger bottles, static grass, glue and whatnot. It’s intermediate trays slide out to allow you to grab individual bottles with ease.

Now, this style of paint stand is not for everyone. If you use the Vallejo/Reaper/Army Painter-style dropper bottles, then you’ll definitely want a different storage solution. 5/6ths of your storage space’s ceiling is too low for those sorts of paint bottles.

In summary, this is a good organizer for open-top-style paint bottles, and I’m getting a second one soon to finish organizing my painting supplies. I recommend WAVE’s  Paint Bottle Stand.