A Baneblade is currently my focus at home. It’ll join a sister superheavy, a Shadowsword that I built awhile back. For now, I’m kind of limited in what I can do because most of my brushes and tools are at work, so I can only work on the biggest, least detail-heavy parts of the model.


Also, I really should devote some time to organizing the modelling gear that’s here. All of my bitz boxes are at the office. I need another paint bottle stand, a brush cup, and something to put all my “non-bitz” bitz in.

I’m storing all my uncompleted models in plastic tote bins, so one I empty out one of those, I should be okay for my “non-bitz” bitz–in all honesty, it’s just more fun to work on models, and my Airsoft hobby stuff right now than it is to do more cleaning and organizing.