I am very fortunate, and my job allows me to set up and paint on my breaks. This has been when I get most of my painting done for the past few months, and I’ve spread out a bit, here. Unfortunately, this gig is closing down, so I’ll have to relocate back home…and find a new job of course. But, I wanted to give you an idea of what I’m currently up to.


This is my workspace, and I currently have three projects that I’m plugging away on: Panhard VBL conversions for my Imperial Guard, A final Storm Talon Gunship for my Ultramarines, and 60 Zombies for this Modern/Postapocalypse/Near Future thing that’s growing in my mind like a fungus.


The Panhards are coming along nicely, and I’ve been putting most of my effort into finishing these guys. I think I messed up with the base coat though, and may have to go back and brush on some more SAC Bomber Green to even out the base. They’re coming together pretty quickly for such detailed kits, and I can’t wait to begin the custom touches. Made by Tiger Model, They’re really detailed, well-designed kits in 1/35. My local model shop, King’s Hobby Shop has them for about $50.00, but I’ve found them online for about half that.


I’ve chickened out of working on the third Storm Talon. You see, what I want to do is have this Japanese Carp motif thing, where you see swatches of the fish emerging from the blue of the fuselage until you get to the head, which will be all orange, and have big eyes painted on the orange weapons pods, so it looks like a carp emerging from water. I am totally intimidated by this, but I will eventually get to it, and it will be cool!


(Sigh) Zombies. There are some Survivors over in the corner as well that I started because I came up with a pretty good dark blue jean mix, but mostly Zombies. These guys are a total drag to work on, so I’ve been kind of skipping them to finish the Panhards. I should be able to knock them out pretty quick once I get to it, but they’re just such a drag, you know? Flippin’ zombies.