The Box of Guilt

So, like most miniatures wargamers, I have a pretty healthy back stock of plastic and metal to get through. Breaking it down categorically, I have:

Pre-Heresy Ultramarines Tactical Squad by Ilqar

Warhammer 40,000

I have two main armies I’ve been working on forever. An Ultramarines Crusade force, and an Imperial Guard Company, both with a lot of attached supporting units. I’ve got loads of unpainted infantry for both to paint, with two Panhard VBLs on the table currently that I’m converting, along with a Baneblade and an Ultramarines Storm Talon.

Earth Battle 6 by Dan Dussault

Robotech RPG Tactics

I’m ashamed to say I’ve chickened out of painting, here. The Russian Naval Aviation paint scheme I chose for my Veritechs is very complex. I’m not really all that worried about the remaining Zentraedi specialty pods I have waiting, it’s just that I’ve got other projects on the bench that I haven’t finished yet.


Dreamforge Games/Wargames Factory Science Fiction

I picked up some Eisenkern models from Dreamforge and Greatcoated Troopers from Wargames Factory because I thought they looked great. My plan is to use the Eisenkern figures as Space Marines and Inquisition Storm Troopers, and the Greatcoated Troopers as rebellious local troops. I’ve painted up a squad of each, and held off from there. Its going to be awhile before I get to any of these guys.

Rescued by CArcherB

Near Future/Zombie Apocalypse/Modern

I started on this project from a gentle nudge by a friend of mine at work. Unfortunately, he quit, but I’m plugging away at 60 Wargames Factory Zombies, and 60 male and female Survivors. The zombies paint up quick, but they’re so boring. Still, have to slog through them or they’ll never get finished.

Warhammer Reiksguard by JanBoruta

Oldhammer Fantasy

I have an entire Empire Army unpainted and on the sprues that I want to get to someday to play Oldhammer with. Going to be some time before that happens, though.


Sengoku-era Samurai

I also have a hefty amount of Sengoku-era Samurai, both metal and plastic. I painted up 20-22 Samurai with swords in Date clan colors, and they came out pretty outstanding.

Viking Hirdmen, Gripping Beast Miniatures

Dark Ages Vikings

My dad and I have had a plan to have a Saxons vs. Vikings battle since about 2010. I’ve kept a pretty good schedule to finishing my Vikings army, with just one 20-man unit of spearmen and leadership and personality units to go, but the problem is, once I finish my army, I have no doubt my dad will want me to paint his army, which has lagged far behind mine towards completion.


Where We’re Going

I want to finish the projects I have on my workbench, then polish off my Vikings. They’re the easiest “Army” to eliminate. After the Vikings are finished, the Modern Survivors are next in line, followed by the Robotech mecha. From there, I want to break up the third-party sci-fi guys, and finish the Wargames Factory Troopers. At this point, I’ll have made a pretty decent dent in my unpainted figures, and I can consider buying some more guys.