I’ve never been a pro sports fan–looking at how fanatical folks get, and how much time, money, and effort is invested in an industry that doesn’t really make life better for anyone outside of itself makes me want to cringe. Then, I put it all into perspective and realize that’s what folks do with their hobbies. Still, I’ve never understood how folks could murder players who lose like they used to do in Central and South America, or riot like they do about pro sports in Europe and the USA.

However, I think when Games Workshop released news about their Gathering Storm campaign, Including that Roboute Guilliman was returning, I think I felt something close.

I am a hardcore Ultramarines player. I’ve loved their fictional background since the Rogue Trader days, and their paint scheme and Graeco-Roman iconography are super-attractive. So this is kind of a big deal!

Guilliman is a Primarch, a super-powered demigod who is the genetic father of the Ultramarines Legion/Chapter of Space Marines. Every Ultramarine has a little bit of Guilliman in their transhuman DNA, along with that of the Emperor’s. So, he’s going to be something of a badass compared to even the super-powered Special Characters that serve as Warlords and sentient beat-sticks in the current version of the rules.



I like the fact that they gave you the option to include a helmet. Guilliman is one of the more practically-minded Primarchs, so it stands to reason he’d wear a helmet instead of running around with his perfectly-touseled locks flowing in the wind or some such garbage.


However, I have to confess, that he looks a little cartoony compared to the Forge World Horus Heresy-era version of him, which is really beautiful. But it’s Forge World, so of course it’s gorgeous.

I haven’t been invested in GW’s campaigns and events in forever–the last army book I bought was the Cult Mechanicus one–but this may get me to take the plunge.

I just pray they don’t Age of Sigmar my Dark Millennium…