Plastic Warriors is my hobby blog about miniatures gaming, with both pen-and-paper RPGs and Wargaming.

I’ve been into miniatures gaming since the Dark Ages of the 80’s when I was in middle school. I cut my teeth on Games Workshop’s Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 lines, and I’ve stayed with them for a good, long time. My Ultramarines and Imperial Guard armies are pretty huge these days.

Around the early 2000’s I began to take an interest in other game settings, specifically Sengoku-era Japan and Modern conflicts from the 80’s onward. Just recently, I’ve gotten bitten by the Zombie Apocalypse bug, but I think I want to try something slightly different, and throw in an element of near-future combat with powered, armor, mecha, and stuff like that.

In this blog, I hope to chart painting progress, show off my work, discuss game systems, review products that I use, AAR games and events, and generally just ramble on like the old warhorse that I am.

This is actually something of an interim site for my more general hobby blog, which covers more of my military-themed hobbies, including Airsoft, military-themed media, and other topics. Once I get it back up and running, I may fold Plastic Warriors up, or I may set up Plastic Arsenal as a landing page to go to specialized blogs on specific topics.  But that’s for the future. Enjoy!

Picture Credits: Guilliman Leading Ultramarines by LynxC, DeviantArt